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Building excellence
through holistic development

Vedic Roots

A mother's dissatisfaction with the current education system and her desire to provide truly holistic development for her child drove the conceptualization and creation of this brand.

I was there from the very beginning, listening to ideas, vision and dreams held by these new parents and then transforming that zeal into a brand that would do it justice as well as reveal the soft nurturing heart of a mother. It has been an absolute journey with Vedic Roots as we together have created something that is directly disrupting the future of education in North America.

I was involved in creating the brand, materials, website and social media. I continue to provide creative inputs and produce content for a project that has only become more dear to my heart since its birth.

Name Development

The name development process for Vedic Roots was a dynamic one. It involved active listening to the founder's dreams and what they envisioned the experience of each child would be married with the foundational values that the school was based on.

We went through over 30 names and combinations and came to love Vedic Roots as it perfectly encapsulated the philosophy the school was based on and the mother's importance on the process of nurturing younglings with love and care just as we would a little plant which then grows into a shade-giving tree with deep and strong roots.

Brand Identity

Once the name was decided, we wanted to craft an identity that is professional and allows for the brand to grow without any limitations.

We chose a bold typeface in the Galano family which is the masterpiece designed by the supremely talented Rene Bieder. It was then coupled with a clean logo of a plant with three leaves representing the physical, intellectual and spiritual development of the child grounded with deep roots and all enclosed in a holistic circle of care.

Marketing Materials

As a brand new private academy, reaching out to potential parents was a key part of the launch strategy and I developed multiple assets to help deliver a clear, consistent and professional message.

Website Development

Creating an online landing was essential and time critical to the launch of the project. With inputs from the founders and research-based results drove the rapid development of the school website. It was built using Webflow. I designed, developed and continue to manage the website.

Social Media

What is a brand without socials these days! I setup social accounts for Vedic Roots focusing primarily on Facebook and Instagram where our target audience spent most of their time.

Providing social media strategy as well as creating content we are working towards bringing the classroom to the world.