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using brand strategy and user research

Design without process is wasted pixels.

Everything and every non-thing contributes to building a brand.

People over projects anyday.

active empathy leads to compassionate design.

Good design becomes great with user-feedback.

Your job is to guide the user from challenge to success

Who am I?
(10 second version) ⏱️

Hi I am Anshul! (say un-shu-l) an engineer turned visual creator who helps amazing people transform their visions into reality using my skills in brand strategy, graphic design, user experience, web-design and marketing. It is my purpose to bring your purpose to life.

Who am I?
(Plane ride version)🛫

You actually clicked this. I am touched. This stuff is hard to write. Come back in a few moon cycles and magical words will appear here.

My Design (read life) philosophy 📚

Meaningful design requires compassion, persistence and humility.

Everything starts with people and ends with people.

Form and function are one in perfect experiences

Tools I wield ⚡

Our mind is the greatest tool, but autosave is a lifesaver.

People who've shaped me 🧑


My parents
vaisesika dasa
dr. sonam agarwal
ateet agarwal


virat kohli
peter mckinnon
jay shetty
david goggins


swami prabhupada
leonardo da vinci
steve jobs
paul rand

My (growing) bucket list ✅

Build a Youtube channel

Build a Youtube Channel

Direct a long short film

Direct a long short film

Run a triathlon

Run a trialathon

Meet Peter McKinnon

Meet Peter Mckinnon

Start a clothing line

Start a clothing line

Read the Bhagavata Purana

Read the Bhagavata Purana

Learn to play guitar

Learn to play guitar

Create an useful app

Create an useful app

What's on my mind 🤔

The 'smoking kills' graphic imagery on cigarette boxes actually increases the desire of smokers.

Testing this possibly life-changing theory by picking up a guitar for the first time.

Pondering how asking the right questions leads to better design and a deeper life.