Modern life choices based on Ayurveda Science

Healthy Braja

With the ever-booming health and wellness industry, quick fixes and click-baits are no stranger to modern day millennials. This project was in direct opposition of this, building a brand for Braja, an established and deeply knowledgeable Ayurveda consultant and educator who believes in healing the problem from its very core. We worked together to come up with an attractive, deep and friendly brand for Braja to be able to present Ayurveda principles for the instagram generation instead of getting misled by the plethora of hacks and tricks offered on the internet.

Brand Identity

Braja had the name for her brand identified as Healthy Braja and we both loved it for it's simplicity and clarity of conveying our purpose. My research showed an overwhelming number of cliches that we wanted to stay away from as an Ayurveda brand and to do that I had to dig deeper and learn from Braja what her philosophy really entailed.

I was fascinated by how all human body types could simplistically be differentiated into the three doshas which were made up of the five basic elements of creation. The entire science is based on balancing these elements and in turn finding good physical and mental health.

We both loved the idea of conceptualizing a logo which portrayed these elements in an elegant fashion. Multiple iterations and brainstorming sessions later, we had the logo mark which just did it right. Coupled with modern typefaces Cabarno and Fertigo along with beautiful punchy colors gave rise to a fresh and young yet deep brand ready to transform the health of the nation, one principle at a time.

Marketing Materials

I created some print materials to go with the online presence for Braja to feel equipped while at conferences, meetings and at the grocers. Spreading the word is everything!

Social Media

We were keen on providing value to our followers on social in a bite-sized manner at first to allow for them to make immediate simple changes to their lives with principles and knowledge of the ancient science. I designed social media posts that drew attention, curiosity and compelled user engagement.

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