Affordable fashion accessories to make you feel confident


A dream to start a leather fashion accessories brand coupled with love for the name Toro was all I had to start this new-age fashion company's journey. I worked with the founder to synthesize a strategy and vision which was followed by a collaborative process of coming up with a brand that sparked excitement and at the same time placed Toro well in the fashion accessories space.

Strategy and Vision

We worked together to put together a mission statement through a structured discovery process allowing for the founder to deeply understand her vision.

Brand Identity

Once the vision was defined, it was followed by extensive research of women's fashion brands and how Toro could be ideally represented in a saturated online market. With Toro, meaning bull in Spanish drew a masculine aura around it, I was tasked with making it work for a predominantly female audience. Another consideration was that the final logo had to work embossed in leather at small dimensions.

Given the challenging constraints, I worked through several ideas and then iterated extensively on the final one to produce a simple, memorable and chic brand for Toro. It was an unique and rewarding experience.

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