Personal music lessons to inspire creativity in children

Anthem Arts

A renowned musician and fine artist was looking to re-brand her teaching academy to reach a wider audience in a more professional and fun way. We worked together and re-imagined the future of Juno Music, her current academy, mapping personas, followed by extensive research of the music teaching space. We decided on having a bold, playful and exciting brand that would appeal not only to children but also the parents who are the primary target audience.

Strategy and Vision

We worked together to put together a mission statement through a structured discovery process allowing for the founder to deeply understand her vision. Furthermore, we built personas and focused our target audience to really be able to meet their needs and understand their pain points.

Brand Identity

Once we had locked in our focus on our voice and who we wanted to target, Anthem Arts moved towards defining a solid brand. A sentiment the founder carried was that at Anthem Arts we help your children find their anthem, their voice, their song and story which can be explored and realized in infinite ways.

Working with the alliteration in Anthem Arts and the idea of infinite I designed a memorable and simple logo which tied these two ideas together. Coupled with bright colors and playful typography brought about a professional yet fun brand to life.

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