Fun loving Indian couple tie the knot in style

RukParama Wedding

Getting married is a big deal! Indian weddings take that to a whole next level. This was a super-fun project building out the look and feel for Rukmini and Parama's wedding, a fun-loving, deeply spiritual couple getting hitched in a serene church-turned-temple in busy Toronto. I got to collaborate with the talented Arya Studios to produce these cute and heart-warming pieces. Oh and the food at the wedding was a total bonus!


Sitting down with the couple and really understanding who they are and what they value, it was pretty clear to me that we wanted to create something with a cool and fun vibe. I always wanted to collaborate with Jishnu from Arya Studios and he helped put together cute character drawings of the bride and groom and I brought in colors from their wedding decor, using the comic-esque VAG Rounded font to give it a fun feel brought together a beautiful and quirky look to the wedding.

Print Design

I managed all the print material design and printing for the wedding to make sure there was an uniform look and feel to the whole event. I designed a schedule, favor cards, table toppers, signage and more!

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