Bringing people together for self discovery every Sunday for years

Toronto Krishna

The Iconic Toronto Krishna Centre has been hosting an event open to all celebrating the culture and wisdom of the far-east every sunday for over 40 years! Introducing people from all walks of life to the sublime practices of yoga, meditation and selfless service, this weekly carnival attracts over 300 people every week.

This year they changed their timings and were looking to manage this change. I re-designed the invitation cards which are handed out in the thousands by volunteers all around the city. It was truly an honor being part of what is an iconic Toronto city fare.

Design Process

The main challenge with designing these invitation cards is the wide variety of people they can be handed out to. From people very familiar with the culture and vocabulary to complete newbies. I wanted to make sure the card was accessible for a wide gamut of people and did not alienate anyone.

I worked with the events team to understand and categorize the different categories of experiences they offer every Sunday and also distill the most important information they would need on the invite.

Print Design

Once I had the clarity of the event experience and details necessary to design the invite, I explored the visual style we wanted to adapt. We were keen on having elements showing the history, culture and also make is friendly and welcoming to everyone.

I decided to keep the vocabulary native to the tradition in the card to instantly attract those who have affiliation with the culture but also incorporated and emphasized the english equivalents.

For the typeface, I was looking for the intersection of classic and friendly which led me to Recoleta, a best-seller typeface.

I added a patterned background to hint at the cultural aesthetic and the iconography made the invite friendly and accessible.

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