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Helping scale access to spiritual wisdom from the east

Gift of Gita

An unique not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide relevant spiritual knowledge from the Gita, a 5000 year old text of life, to help the modern world deal with the topics of self-identity, success actualization, stress management and finding inner happiness. I was tasked with bringing to life a renewed brand to launch a nation-wide campaign to raise funds to further the mission of the organization.

We started with some structured naming exercises and then building a modern brand that stayed true to its origin. I had to do a product shoot as no artefacts were previously created. This was followed with creating print material to assist volunteers as they presented the vision to one and all. Finally, we capped off the project with building a website to provide relevant information, inspiration and make the donate experience seamless. It was extremely satisfying to use my skills in tangibly bringing value to society at large.

Name Development

The team had called the project 'Sastradana' which is a Sanksrit word meaning give knowledge. We all agreed that we wanted to have a name that was more accessible to people from all backgrounds. We also wanted to center our brand on the Gita, a classic text that brings invaluable wisdom relevant in today's day and age. After extensive brainstorming and research, Gift of Gita really resonated with the team and we could all see a bright future of the Gift of Gita brand.

Brand Identity

The team always wanted a brand that could be presented to any demographic. I wanted to go with a modern look that would set the project apart and elude professionalism and trust. The Gita is associated with a very well-known saffron-orange shade. For the typeface, I went with Brixton Book which found a balance between modern and classic.

Product Shoot

We did not have any good product photos of the book so I was able to bring in some copies to my studio and have a shoot which would allow for a more dynamic and beautiful experience throughout the physical and digital touch points of Gift of Gita.

Print Material

Creating impactful and useful print material was essential to the success of the brand as we hoped to empower the team members to be able to have conversations about the program without hesitation. I developed a simple and attractive tri-fold brochure which provided the essential and compelling information and also designed a pledge card to make it easy for donors to sign-up.

Website Design

The final piece of the puzzle was having a solid landing page that provided relevant information and allowed for donations to be placed in a seamless manner. I built the page on Webflow integrated with Paypal and we had a convenient user experience.

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