Questioning the status quo through film

Short Films

I love the life-changing potential films have. The lasting impressions it can have on a viewer. We become the stories we tell ourselves and I am hoping to spark introspection and inner dialogue thorough the films I create.


An unemployed techie with a passion for music, during the unending lockdown, connects with his neighbor and himself when his WiFi connection is disconnected. The short film is a submission to the 72 Hour Film Challenge organized by Peter Mckinnon. Shot using a Sony A7iii and just a 50mm prime, I was involved in writing the story, editing and yes, starring in it as well.


This film speaks about the epidemic of the devices in our hands and how our lives are perhaps governed by these pixels. An appeal to stop thumbing and start thinking. This film directed and shot by me completely on the iPhone and edited using Premiere Pro and After Effects.